Our Plant based Egg

The Neggst era has just begun

Chicken-laid eggs are so yesterday. Here is what we can do today: the full eggsperience without hens involved. Neggst is made from plants for great reasons: It's Better for the planet, for animals and for us.

Let us feel good about enjoying our favourite all-rounder.

which yummy things can you do with it?


Use Neggst Sunny Side Up for preparing a hearty and nutritious vegan English breakfast or a fancy avocado toast. It is a great way to start your day.


Our plant-based egg is easy and fast to scramble, just few minutes for your perfect scrubled eggs. Or would you prefer a delicious vegan carbonara for lunch?


Baking can be a challenging task but Neggst is perfect for making a banana brad or a appetizing quiche for a perfect Sunday brunch with your friends.