Good Morning Neggst

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The Good Morning Egg can be served for breakfast or as a snack between meals. It is also well suited as a patty in a burger. Enjoy hot or cold after frying in the pan.

Kala namak
WHERe to find kala namak

You should find it in almost every organic market. There are also the vegan or online stores specialising in delicatessen or spices, where you can also buy sulfur salt.

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which yummy things can you do with it?

Use Neggst Sunny Side Up for preparing a hearty and nutritious vegan English breakfast or a fancy avocado toast. It is a great way to start your day.


Our plant-based egg is easy and fast to scramble, just few minutes for your perfect scrubled eggs. Or would you prefer a delicious vegan carbonara for lunch?


Baking can be a challenging task but Neggst is perfect for making a banana brad or a appetizing quiche for a perfect Sunday brunch with your friends.