Neggst Patty

The american style breggfast burger

Would you like to make a breakfast burger but vegan? Here is our Neggst patty that can be added as a patty in a burger or simply in a toast. Or why not also in a savoury croissant.

What can you do with it

Breggfast Burger

Add our Neggst Patty to your breakfasts with this amazing combination!


Salad Neggst

Give your salad the missing touch. Come in and discover this egg - cellent combination


Neggst sandwich

Who said the best sandwiches don't come in the Neggst croissant?

WHERe to find kala namak (black salt)

You should find it in almost in every organic market or drugstore. There are also some online stores specialising in delicatessen or spices, where you can also buy it.

which other yummy products do we have?

The Neggst Bites come in two tasty versions "Sun dried tomatoes and basil" & "Chives and paprika" They can be used as a topping or simply eaten as a snack.

Discover now

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