We are passionate foodies from Berlin who care about our health, environment, food science and animal welfare. That is why we invented the eggs of tomorrow.

The Neggst era has just begun

Chicken-laid eggs are so yesterday. Here is what we can do today: the full eggsperience without hens involved. Neggst is made from plants for great reasons: It's Better for the planet, for animals and for us.

Let us feel good about enjoying our favourite all-rounder.

We envision a future where humans and animals can thrive independently from each other, in a more balanced way, where the phrase “animal livestock” is a relic of the past, and where our planet's resources are used in a careful and conscious manner.

We’ve been incubating some great ideas for quite a while… and now our egg business has finally hatched! Let us introduce our proud mother hens:

Verónica García-Arteaga (Co-Founder & CEO)

Eggcelent in all its forms